Recreate yourself with REDRESS me August 17 2015

We are Boho, 70’s, 80’s and Modern. New Fashion, Vintage, Resale, Refashioned and Handmade items make us unique.     We don’t believe in one style being “the right way”. We believe in wearing what you want and owning it.  Confidence is key.  If it looks great and you feel amazing in it, then wear it!  Recreate yourself, your look, your vibe every week.  So you’re feeling like a Free Spirit?  Shop our Boho Glam and Good Vibes Campaign.  Bohemian, Hippie and Gypsy looks will have you feeling Wild and Free and oh so pretty.

The next week you feel like a Disco Diva.  Dive into our Subtle 70’s Campaign.  From Studio 54 Looks to the Glamorous Fearless looks of Bianca Jagger and Debbie Harry, you will find what you are looking for.  Sexy & Fun this one of my favorite collections.  It’s often one of a kind Vintage gems handpicked by the owner Trina that simply cannot be duplicated.  You will never have to second guess if someone will show up at the same party wearing your ensemble.  Chances are Slim to None.

This Summer we love the Blue Lagoon Collection.  Lace, Crochet, Romantic Care Free looks of the Summer.  Effortlessly Beautiful pieces to keep in your wardrobe forever.  Beautiful Bikini Coverups, Romantic Dresses and Lace Tops will have you scheduling a Trip to the Beach, Vacation or a day at the Pool more often then not just so you can wear these beauties.

Weather you are Shopping for Basics or that one a kind piece you can be sure to find something you love at REDRESS me.