We love showcasing amazing talent and passion for handmade items.  This page will feature amazing artists buzzworthy to take notice of. Their talents and designs are fierce and original. We support the drive, we live for the passion and we chase the dream.  Currently we have our spotlight on SoozeMaree

SoozeMaree is owned and operated by Chicago land artist Susan Pickens.  Susan re-fashions, designs and creates handmade amazing pieces that are as beautiful and unique as you. Everything she creates is carefully crafted and made with exceptional detail.  Her eclectic, funky and unique style comes across in her work and is always fashionable.  Who doesn't want that one of a kind piece everyone asks for but no-one can get...for the girl who likes to be a voice not an echo; it's one a kind, handmade and created just for you! We are excited to feature her pieces for sale on REDRESS me.