About Us/ Our Mission

Founded in 2011, Trina & Chris worked for a full year to create Sweet Treasures Resale.  They always knew they would open a business and for years contemplated on several different ventures, however the moment Trina mentioned a Resale Shop, something clicked.  Chris, a union bricklayer and general construction/handyman, worked as a Journey man Bricklayer until the change in economy.  He enjoyed creating, remodeling and building. A resale shop where he could put his skills to work on pieces of furniture, made sense. Trina worked at the Courthouse for the Lake County Circuit Clerks Office for almost 11 years, party planning part time and thrifting since she was a child as well as becoming quite skilled in remodeling and construction alongside her husband developed quite an eye for design and had always loved fashion. This business fit their personalities.  

Trina wanted to make a difference.  She did not want to start a business and profit from it without making a change for others.  Although she decided to stay a for profit resale shop, one month after she opened she developed a program that would give back to those in need.  "Sweet Wishes"  Once a month Members of the community can make a request for dishes, pot and pans, children's clothing, furniture etc and if it is within reach they make it happen.  For FREE.

"It's important to me to provide thrift store prices in a unique boutique establishment.  You shouldn't have to sort through unwashed clothes, items with stains and holes or broken furniture and still pay retail prices.  It's frustrating to see places put little to no effort in giving their customers a pleasant shopping experience simply because it's considered thrift." 

In addition, Trina & Chris have donated to several Non-Profit organizations since opening their doors in 2012. We donate to a different local charity each month helping change the lives of victims of Domestic Violence, Helping Rescus, Save & Adopt Animals in Lake County and helping dreams come true for the Boys & Girls of Lake County, just to name a few. 
Sweet Treasures Resale has now partnered with Waukegan Arts District also known as WAD.  When you donate to us and request a Tax Receipt, a portion of our proceeds support WAD.  Waukegan Arts District is a non-profit business incubator whose mission is to support arts-based economic development through fundraising, community outreach, and entertainment programs that drive local tourism and create revenue opportunities for local artists and artisans.  You can find more information at: http://www.facebook.com/waukeganArtsDis

In 2014 Trina created a Division of Sweet Treasures Resale.  She named it REDRESS me. An online Resale Boutique which features, resale, vintage, thrift, wholesale and handmade items shipping Worldwide.  Trina features models who are everyday people.  Training them herself they are regular women who go to school, have full time jobs and a passion for fashion. Wanting to show the world that every day people can look amazing and fabulous for less.