Do you have Dressing Rooms Available?
Yes we have a Dressing Room Available for you to try on your clothing prior to purchase.

What is your Return/Exchange Policy?
All Sales are Final.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, Debit or Credit Card

What do you do with the donations you don't decide to keep?
We Donate any items that don't fit our shop to other charities, organizations or thrift stores so your donations will never go to waist. 

Can I Custom order Furniture?
We create Pet beds from pieces of Furniture, Pallet Creations and redo or upcycle furniture.  If you see a piece you like and would like it painted in a certain color we can work with you to create that one of a kind unique piece. 

Do you accept Consignment?
We do accept Consignment however we only allow up to ten Consignees at a time.  Call us to see if we have any openings available. Our Percentage is 60% with a return to you of 40%. Payouts are mailed every quarter. Consignment items must be in Like New Condition and either Vintage or Brand Name pieces only.  We only consign clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.  We do not consign furniture or home decor.

If I donate to you will they be displayed online with REDRESS me or at the Sweet Treasures Resale Boutique?
Depending on the item, condition, brand name, style we will determine if it fits any of the current online campaigns we are running for REDRESS me, otherwise they will be sold at the Boutique.